The Civil Aviation Authority of Viet Nam is under the direction of the Ministry of Transport and assists the Minister of Transport to carry out governmental management in the field of civil aviation in the territory of Viet Nam; carries out the functions, duties in accordance with national regulations and international conventions which the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam is a member state.

Main functions and Duties of the CAAV are as follows:

  • To build and submit to the Minister of Transport legislation, strategy, planning in the field of civil aviation;
  • Airport, aerodromes management;
  • Air transport and general aviation management;
  • Aircraft and aircraft operation management;
  • Air traffic management;
  • Safeguard aviation safety and security;
  • Protect environment in aviation;
  • Develop aviation human resource;
  • Project management in the field of aviation;
  • State management on fees in the field of aviation;
  • International cooperation in the field of aviation;
  • Scientific research and development related to aviation;
  • Aviation inspection and administrative violation sanction;
  • Human resource management and development;
  • Other duties assigned by the Minister of Transport.
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